Barbera d'Alba DOC Barrique

Grape varietal: 100% Barbera
Geographic area, soil and climate conditions: This varietal grows in the hills to the left of the Tanaro river. There, in Santa Vittoria d'Alba, are the vineyards of our grapes suppliers. The Roero soil is composed of light-coloured, rather loose clay that provides harmony, aroma and readiness to the wine.
Average altitude of the vineyards: 200 m. above sea-level.
Exposure: South-West.
Yield: Regulations allow 10 tons per hectare. Nevertheless, according to the precepts of quality of the winery, our vintners obtain a lower yield in order to allow the grapes more sugar content and extracts and, therefore, better final results.
Vinification process: Fermentation in contact with the grape skins in temperature-controlled vats using selected yeast and practising several repassings of the must over the grape dregs to obtain the wanted colour and a substantial polyphenol extraction. In particularly good vintages, the wine is racked into Limousin (France) "barriques" of medium toasting, where it evolves for six months, until complete maturation is obtained.
Organoleptic characteristics: Garnet red colour with brick red reflections as it comes of age. Winey, complex and persistent aroma with exotic nuances. Dry, generous and very tasty with scents of spices and fruits. It becomes full and harmonious with age.
Finished alcohol: 12 % Volume
Total minimum acid: 6/1000
Dry extract: 23 gr. per litre
Pairings: It matches stewed, roasted and braised meat. Meat macerated in wine and cooked in a spicy sauce, game cooked in a wine sauce, etc.
Serving tips: The "ballon" (a stem with a big bowl) is preferable when the wine is mature. Pour just half glass at room temperature (17/18┬░ C) to allow the wine to unfold all its potential aroma.
Vintages available:lt, 0,750: 1995;