Diano d'Alba DOCG

Grape varietal: Dolcetto
Geographic area, soil and climate conditions: This varietal called Dolcetto di Diano or simply "Diano" is made from grapes grown on the homonymous hill where the vineyards of our suppliers are cultivated. The soil is clayey and provides elegance, harmony, aroma and longevity to the wine.
Average altitude of the vineyards: 300 m. above sea-level.
Exposure: South-West.
Yield: Regulations allow 80 tons per hectare. Nevertheless, according to the precepts of quality of the winery, our vintners obtain a lower yield that renders better grapes in terms of sugar and extracts content and influences positively the resulting wine.
Vinification process: Fermentation in contact with the grape skins in temperature-controlled vats using selected yeast and practising several repassings of the must over the grape dregs to obtain the wanted colour and substantial polyphenol.
Organoleptic characteristics: Garnet red colour with purple reflections Winey, fruity, complex and persistent aroma - Powerful and textural taste with a soft, long and generous body
Finished alcohol: 12 % Volume
Total minimum acid: 6/1000
Dry extract: 22 gr. per litre
Pairings: Even though it accompanies most every meal, it excels with pasta and rice, stewed meat, birds like pheasant and the like and marrowbone.
Serving tips: half filled Inward-brimmed stem to allow the wine to unfold all its potential aroma.
Serve at room temperature (17/18┬░ C) .