Moscato Grappa

Wine Brut Cuvee

All the distilled spirits coming from over the Alps and from Overseas have legends, war stories, alchemists, princes, monks: they own courtly stories attesting their nobility.

Grappa, the only real national distilled spirit, on the contrary has poor origins in the countryside, it arises from the attempt of a farmer who, by boiling marc, tried to warm his heart and his body in the cold days and to bring a little joy in the sadder days.

The high level of quality of the Grappa presented by Porta Rossa arises from the accurate research which has renewed the methods without ignoring tradition, offering the demanding consumer refined bouquet and an always genuine and natural taste. The fresh marc is immediately distilled following the slow and accurate methods which allow the extraction of characteristic aromas. In this way essences are not added to recall the original fruit of the winegrape, but it's the marc itself, with its freshness to add in a natural way a remarkable olfactory and taste sensations. Porta Rossa presents 3 single-grapevine Grappa.

Moscato Grappa: its light straw-colour is due to its resting in small barrels for one/two months. Its bouquet clearly recalls the grapevine, with an extremely pleasant taste and persistent fragrance.