Langhe DOC Dolcetto

Grape varietal: Dolcetto
Geographic area, soil and climate conditions: This "Dolcetto" is made from grapes from the Langhe Area.
Exposure: South-West, with lots of sunshine all day long.
Yield: Regulations allow 9 tons per hectare. Nevertheless, according to the precepts of quality of the winery, our vintners obtain a lower yield that signifies better grapes in terms of sugar and extracts content and influences positively the resulting wine.
Vinification process: Fermentation in contact with the grape skins in temperature-controlled vats using selected yeast and practising several repassings of the must over the grape dregs to add colour and obtain substantial polyphenol extraction.
Organoleptic characteristics: Deep ruby red colour with purple hues
Well defined fruity aroma
Well balanced, winey and full of character taste with an almond finish
Finished alcohol: 12 % Volume
Total minimum acid: 5/1000
Dry extract: 22 gr. per litre
Pairings: It accompanies most every meal but excels with liver, sausages, snails, soups and overcooked meats.
Serving tips: Inward-brimmed stem chalice half filled to allow the wine to unfold all its aroma.
Serve at room temperature (17/18┬░ C)