Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC

Grape varietal: Nebbiolo
Yield: Regulations allow 8 tons per hectare. Our vintners obtain lower yields thanks to severe pruning and thinning out of the vines so as to improve on the final grape quality.
Vinification process: Maceration in contact with the skins at contro11ed temperature with the use of sclected yeast to favour the production of colour and polyphenolic substances through several repassings of the must. After racking, the new wine is put in Slavonian oak barrels, where it matures for about an year.
Organoleptic characteristics: Garnet red colour with ruby red hues interspersed with orange reflections Unequivocal aroma with touches of liquorice Dry, fine and unconcealed flavour with an elegant and textural mouth feel.
Finished alcohol: 13 % Volume
Total minimum acid: 6/1000
Dry extract: 20 gr. per litre
Pairings: stewed meat, fowl, broth and rise.
Serving tips: Serve at room temperature (17/18┬░ C) in a stem with a wide bowl narrowing at the brim, half-filled so as to capture all the wine's aroma.