Grignolino d'Asti DOC

Grape varietal: 100% Grignolino
Geographic area, soil and climate of the vineyards: This grape varietal thrives best in a land that is considered by many its homeland: the vineyards of Castagnole Monferrato, where the soil is chalky and rather loose.
Average altitude of the vineyards: 200 m. above sea-level.
Exposure: South-east.
Yield: Regulations allow 8 tons per hectare. Nevertheless, our winery is in favour of a lower yield to allow the grapes more sugar content and extracts.
Vinification process: Fermentation in contact with the grape skins in temperature-controlled vats using yeast and practising several repassings of the must over the grape dregs to obtain the wanted colour and substantial polyphenol.
Organoleptic characteristics: Soft ruby red colour with soft, waxy reflections turning into orange with age
Fresh aroma with scents of walnut leaves
Dry and pleasant taste with almond finish.
Finished alcohol: 12% Volume
Total minimum acid: 5/1000
Dry extract: 19 gr. per litre
Pairings: It accompanies cold meat appetisers, broth and soup. Also good for white-meat dishes, fried snacks and fricassée.
Serving tips: Half-fill (so there is room for the wine to free its aroma) a slender, inward-brimmed chalice with cool (cellar temperature).